About Us

We are a printing and label converting company which makes mostly car battery labels. (Is this glamorous or what?) And we've probably have printed over two billion labels. (That's a lot of batteries!) We are all into off roading and the giving and receiving of Ducks! So we came up with these duck labels to keep our dashboards clean and to have a little fun. We hope you enjoy them as much as we all do.

As for battery labels used in the automotive field, we have been servicing the automotive and aftermarket automotive industry since 1983.

The labels designed as ‘battery labels’ are constructed to pass the under-hood requirements of the Original Equipment manufacturers. 

The battery labels are manufactured to adhere to both battery top and sides, including the ‘stippled top’ final covers some manufacturer’s use.

We are currently certified to the aviation standard AS9100:D and ISO9001:2015 and are pursuing  a MAQMSR Letter of Compliance. 

Check our company website, www.jamac.com.